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Dodge® mounted bearings - Local manufacturing

ABB provides the broadest offering of mounted bearings in the industry with the complete line of Dodge® mounted bearings. For over 100 years, Dodge products have been designed with innovative features to perform reliably in demanding applications here at home and throughout the world.
While many bearing manufacturers have moved operations abroad, Dodge mounted bearings are still manufactured at plants in Marion, NC and Rogersville, TN, by employees who take pride in making quality products. By continuing to invest in U.S. manufacturing, we are able to provide safe, stable job opportunities in local communities. Manufacturing locally and using flexible manufacturing solutions, such as build on demand capability, allows us to respond quickly to customer needs and provide fast stock replenishment to distribution centers and warehouses.
Field Sales Engineers, dedicated to Dodge mechanical products, are located throughout the country close to you, when a solution is needed. Our dedicated customer service and customer engineering teams support from Greenville, SC, where you can talk to a familiar voice, when you need help the most.
We believe that together, we can better serve the needs of our customers and the industry. This means that we continuously strive to provide you with the attention, dedication, and service that comes from working with people and products you know and trust.
Dodge mounted bearings are manufactured and supported locally, because we know it allows us to take better care of you, our customer. Read more about our commitment to local manufacturing and customer service.