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Terry Bell

Terry Bell

Terry Bell Product Manager

Terry Bell
Product Manager - General Purpose and Pump Motors

ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.

Terry Bell is the Product Manager for ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.'s General Purpose and Pump Motors. Terry has worked for this company for 19 years with a background in applications and support. Mr. Bell works closely with all industries to create market-leading NEMA Motors for Pump, Fan and other critical Industrial Applications. Terry has also developed and provided training on efficiency requirements, motor selection, and proper product application.

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  • New Energy Regulations Affect Form, Fit and Function of Industrial Electric Motors

    Over the past 35 years, motor regulations have expanded, requiring manufacturers to design and build more efficient electric motors and do their part in helping reduce energy consumption around the globe. In 1992, the true beginning of motor regulations, the Department of Energy (DOE) started putting strict minimum inefficiencies electric motors had to meet.


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