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Terry Bell ---
Over the past 35 years, motor regulations have expanded, requiring manufacturers to design and build more efficient electric motors and do their part in helping reduce energy consumption around the globe. In 1992, the true beginning of motor regulations, the Department of Energy (DOE) started putting strict minimum inefficiencies electric motors had to meet.
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Matthew Wolford ---
ATEX. We’ve all heard the term. If you’re like me, any time a standard is brought up that you’re not familiar with, it can be intimidating. In order to save you the time, here’s all you need to know ATEX.
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Fabrizio Galbiati ---
A synchronous reluctance motor is a three-phase electric motor with a magnetically anisotropic rotor structure. In the four-pole version, the rotor has four high and four low permeance axes. High permeance means high magnetic conductivity...
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Galen Burdeshaw ---
One of the main challenges for bearing manufacturers is providing products that maximize corrosion protection, while maintaining material strength and load capacity.
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Gamaliel Gonzalez ---
Some of us in the world use the metric system for measurements with millimeters, kilometers and kilograms; others use imperial measurements with inches, miles and pounds. Likewise motor standards in the North America are governed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the standards book is MG 1-2014 which defines definitions, performance and dimensions for AC and DC motors.
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