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Gamaliel Gonzalez

Gamaliel Gonzalez

Gamaliel GonzalezProduct Specialist
General Purpose and Pump Motors
ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc.

Gamaliel Gonzalez is the Product Specialist of the General Purpose and Pump Motor line at ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. in Fort Smith, AR. He has been with the company since he graduated with an Applied Science degree in 2008. He has held positions such as Mechanical Design Engineer, Installed Base Evaluator, and most recently Product Specialist. Mr. Gonzalez has experience in the harsh and demanding applications that the Food & Beverage and Water/Waste Water Industries demand.
1 Publication Par Gamaliel Gonzalez
  • NEMA and IEC Motors May Be Related but Not Identical Twins

    Some of us in the world use the metric system for measurements with millimeters, kilometers and kilograms; others use imperial measurements with inches, miles and pounds. Likewise motor standards in the North America are governed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the standards book is MG 1-2014 which defines definitions, performance and dimensions for AC and DC motors.


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