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Fabrizio Galbiati

Fabrizio Galbiati

Fabrizio GalbiatiNorth America Region Sales Manager
IEC Motors

Fabrizio Galbiati is the North America Region Sales Manager for IEC Motors for ABB. He has been with ABB for more than 13 years and has held a variety of position including Product Managers and Business Development Manager for low voltage motors as well as Service Sales Manager for Large AC motors. Galbiati has a degree in business/managerial economics from SDA Bocconi and a Master of Electrical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.
1 Publication Par Fabrizio Galbiati
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motor Technology

    A synchronous reluctance motor is a three-phase electric motor with a magnetically anisotropic rotor structure. In the four-pole version, the rotor has four high and four low permeance axes. High permeance means high magnetic conductivity...


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