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System 1 Solutions

System 1 Overview

Unmatched Quality, Optimized Product Selection, Single Point of Contact, Pre-Assembled Packages

System-1 offers an integrated single source for all your mechanical and electrical power transmission needs featuring Baldor•Reliance and Baldor•Dodge products. System-1 can optimize your equipment performance and reliability, reduce overall costs, assist in coordinating multi-product projects, and ultimately improve your company’s profitability.

Think of how much time and money your company spends in designing, selecting, and sourcing all the Power Transmission components of a drive system. Rather than calling multiple vendors, ordering mismatched components, coordinating multiple shipments from various vendors, and paying multiple bills, just contact System-1 for your next package opportunity. We are the industry’s proven single source provider for innovative drive system solutions.
  • System 1 Process

    The System-1 team offers a single point of contact for your project from start to finish. Our goal is to offer you the lowest total cost to design, quote, and procure all of the components you require for your project.

    The System-1 team is ready to assist you with quotation of your project business. We specialize in bulk material handling conveyors, but are also active in many paper processing, waste water treatment, and pumping applications. To receive a quote, simply submit any designs and technical specifications for the project. The team will review and make product recommendations based on the specifications. If a design or product specification does not exist, Baldor-Dodge has engineering resources and can assist you with your drive design. Application data can be submitted via e-mail, fax, or phone. For bulk material handling conveyors, there is a handy form available on this site to help guide you through product selection.

    Simply submit the application data and the System-1 team will get to work designing and quoting your drives. The typical turnaround time for a two to three conveyor quotation is eight business hours, larger or more complex designs may take a few days to a week depending on the amount of engineering required. It is the goal of the System-1 team to provide you with as complete a quotation as possible utilizing all Baldor-Dodge and Baldor–Reliance products.

    The System-1 team will provide a quotation that includes a complete bill of material and description for all components that will be supplied. It is our goal to offer you the most comprehensive and competitive package available from any manufacturer. For this reason, we will offer a single packaged price for the entire package, and this pricing is only valid when purchased as a package. The quote will also include delivery details along with standard terms and conditions.

    The System-1 team offers Pre-Engineered Drive Packages from 1HP to 600 HP or we can custom design your drives up to 3000HP.
  • Pre-Engineered Drive Packages

    The System-1 team offers Pre-Engineered Drive Packages from 1HP to 600 HP or we can custom design your drives up to 3000HP. Baldor is the only manufacturer in the world that can offer a complete and comprehensive line of electrical and mechanical power transmission components. Pre-engineered drives save you money by eliminating the countless hours of design, selection, and procurement for a drive package.  All Pre-Engineered Drives include gearing that is design to AGMA Class II standards and premium efficient Baldor-Reliance motors for your toughest applications. A drive can be quoted in minutes instead of hours making you more efficient.

    Pre-Engineered Drive Packages 1

    Toque Arm II:

    • Heavy duty AGMA class II selection
    • Baldor Premium Efficient Invertor Duty motor
    • Dodge HD D-V Wedge sheaves and belts (Min 2 groove)
    • Expanded metal belt guard
    • Motor mount
    • Bushing kit or Screw C
    • Shaft Mounted Drive:
    • 5 to 100 Hp
    • 25 to 125 Nominal RPM (in 5 RPM increments)

    Screw Conveyor Drive:

    • 1 to 40 Hp
    • 25 to 125 Nominal RPM (in 5 RPM increments)

    Pre-Engineered Drive Packages 2

    Magnagear XTR:

    • Heavy duty AGMA class II selection
    • Baldor Premimum Efficient Invertor Duty motor up to 200 Hp
    • Baldor Severe Duty Premum Efficient Invertor Duty motor above 200 Hp
    • Dodge Para-Flex or Grid-Lign high speed coupling
    • High speed coupling guarded metal belt guard (should it be "high speed metal belt guard?"
    • Backstop (optional)

    Right Angle Twin Taper Hollow Bore on Swingbase or Tunnel Housing:

    • 50 to 400 Hp
    • 28 to 140 RPM

    Right Angle Solid Output Shaft on Swingbase or Tunnel Housing with Moment Coupling:

    • 50 to 400 Hp
    • 28 to 140 RPM

    Parallel Solid Output Shaft on HD Baseplate:

    • 50 to 600 Hp
    • 28 to 140 RPM

    Pre-Engineered Drive Packages 3

    Creep (Inching) Drive:

    • Baldor Premium Efficient motor
    • Gearing is heavy duty AGMA class II selection
    • Maintenance free lift off sprauge style over-running clutch
    • Chain drive
    • Chain guard
    • Heavy duty common slide base

    Single Drive:

    • 75 to 200 Hp

    Dual Drive:

    • 150 to 400 Hp
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