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Motor Services

ABB is proud to offer motors and generators services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life of the product cycle, and beyond. They take the time to understand customers and their service priorities. Some need fast repairs to fix problems when they arise, others carry out preventive maintenance to minimize stoppages, and some focus on getting maximum efficiency through optimization. Whatever your needs, ABB offers a full range of services to keep your equipment running.

Installation and Commissioning

Motor Services - Installation and Commissioning
“Getting it completely right from the very start.” That’s the idea behind ABB’s professional installation and commissioning services. When you use these services, you are making an investment in the long-term trouble free operation of your equipment.

ABB provides certified commissioning engineers with extensive experience in rotating electrical and mechanical start-ups. Their know-how, backed by the expertise of our design teams, makes commissioning fast and smooth and lays the foundation for high reliability and efficiency.

Key Benefits
  • Work carried out by skilled personnel only
  • Safe, controlled start-up methodology
  • Clearly defined procedures (eg, alignment protocol)
  • Standard reporting and recording of parameters
  • Faster installation and commissioning
  • Improved process operation for optimized cost of ownership
  • Increased reliability, efficiency and safety

Preventive Maintenance

Motor Services - Preventive MaintenanceUnplanned stoppages always seem to occur at the worst possible moment. Our preventive maintenance program cuts the risk of unscheduled downtime. The program takes a step-by-step approach with procedures undertaken at intervals over the lifetime of the equipment. The exact timetable will be based on the operating profile and methods as well as ambient conditions.

Preventive maintenance is an investment in the avoidance of failures. The program can eliminate disruptions to your production and help you secure your long-term competitiveness.

Key Benefits
  • Maintenance planning around production and plant schedules
  • Minimized unplanned downtime
  • Reduce or eliminate loss of production
  • Reduce overall cost of maintenance
  • Warranty protection

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive condition-based maintenance keeps you one step ahead of problems. ABB’s sophisticated condition monitoring services collect data from your equipment and analyze key parameters to optimize the maintenance schedule. These powerful tools identify defects at any early stage, while there is still time to take action. By establishing exactly what maintenance is needed when, they can prevent potential failures and significantly enhance reliability, availability and performance. They are not limited to just ABB or Baldor motors or generators, but can be used just as effective with equipment from any manufacturer.

Life cycle assessment

Motor Services - ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program

ABB LEAP (ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program) is a reliable solution for estimated the expected lifetime of the stator winding insulation in motors and generators. A special feature is that the service produces an actual lifetime estimates. The measured values are converted into physical attributes indicating the strength of the insulation. These include contamination, aging, void content, and discharging void space. The finding provide inputs for life cycle cost estimations and can be directly integration into a maintenance plan.

On-site condition monitoring

Motor Services - ABB MACHsense-PABB MACHsense-P is used to perform regular ‘health checks’ on motors. It processes vibration and electrical data in order to address issues in four crucial areas: rotor winding, bearings, overall mechanical condition, and power supply quality. Vibration and electrical measurements are used in combination, and the data is analyzed with a single instrument and software platform. Another advantage of this solution is that its powerful software customizes the analysis for each particular unit. Special algorithms ensure that defects and their severity are reliably identified.

Remote condition monitoring

Motor Services - ABB MACHsense-RABB MACHsense-R provides continuous, remote monitoring with instant alarms and expert follow-0up. It checks the status of key parameters while the motor or generator is running, and alerts the user if it detects a problem. Measured data is analyzed and transmitted wirelessly to an ABB web server. Customers can access real-time data on their equipment via a web portal.

Key Benefits
  • Improved reliability and performance
  • Minimized downtime
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced operating risks
  • Decreased replacement costs
  • Improved spares management
  • Increased maintainability
  • Optimized cost of ownership

To learn more, contact your local sales office.


Smart Sensors

Motor ServicesA new era of remote condition monitoring for low voltage motors has arrived. ABB’s smart sensor picks up data on vibration, temperature and other parameters and uses it to reduce motor downtime by up to 70%, extend lifetime by as much as 30%, and lower energy use by up to 10%.

The new compact sensor is attached to the frame of low voltage induction motors, and no wiring is needed. Using on-board algorithms, the smart sensor relays information about the motor’s health, via a smartphone and over the internet, to a secure server. This solution can make huge numbers of motors into smart devices, enabling them to benefit from intelligent services.

The solution will be initially launched in the North American market, with subsequent roll-outs to other markets. Following the launch, later versions will be released to gradually increase the breadth and depth of the functionality.

For more information visit: Smart Sensors - ABB Advanced Services