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Food Safe Stainless Steel Motors

Flexibility & Safety

Rotatable conduit box

Three phase only. No need to reroute your incoming power supply or rotate the motor orientation. Simply unbolt the middle section of our 3-piece conduit box and rotate the lead opening in the direction you need it. The middle section is properly sealed with O-ring gaskets and tight tolerances.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motor Conduit Box Detail

Single conduit box

Single phase ratings have a single conduit box to house the capacitor and leads. Mechanical joints are minimized to one central box that has a gasket with flashing to prevent water from entering the conduit area.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Conduit Box

Easier installation

Connect the leads of your motor using the heat shrink wire connectors that come with every motor. Leads are easily identifiable and quicker to connect due to color-coded leads. The encapsulated conduit box minimizes the risk of contaminates entering the internal rotating components of the motor, which are protected coming from the winding with our vacuum impregnated encapsulation.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Conduit Box

Lifting provisions

To allow for easier installation on larger frames, specifically 180-280 frame, integral lifting provisions are continuously welded to the motor.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Integral Lifting Provisions


Curves and Contours

The smooth finish with curved contours meet NAMI (North American Meat Institute) guidelines for ease of cleaning and allows water to shed from the frame of the motor, minimizing the chance of liquid pooling. All hardware (through bolts, drain plugs, etc.) have smooth heads to eliminate pooling and catch points. A rounded conduit box also minimizes catch points and where bacteria and other microorganisms can harbor and multiply.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Curves and Contours

Continuous welds

Conduit box is continuously welded to the frame of the motor eliminating a gasket and contaminate ingress path. On foot mounted models, continuously welded independent feet allow easier access and clearance for proper cleaning procedures. Independent feet minimize the catch points versus traditional mounting bases.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Continuous Welds

Laser marked nameplate

The laser marked nameplate is a true statement to our years of experience. We've fine-tuned how to properly mark motor information to make it legible over the course of the motor's life. Also, it needs to be food safe, no pitting or catch points for bacteria or other microorganisms to harbor in the area. We've come up with a solution to meet those customer requests.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Laser Marked Nameplate

IP69K for water rating

Shaft seals

Two barrier mechanical seal prevents water from entering the motor. The viton material is chemical resistant, withstands high temperature, and direct spray. Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled designs have seals on both ends of the motor.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Shaft Seals


Fully encapsulated windings that extend into the conduit box ensure that the motor is sealed effectively inside and out. The vacuum impregnated process ensures there are no air pockets in the encapsulation.
Footed or Footless

Foot mounted

All foot mounted motors meet NEMA mounting dimensions and feature independently welded feet which allow the motor to be effectively cleaned and inspected, especially underneath the motor. An area typically ignored during the cleaning process.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Foot Mounted


If the application doesn't require the motor to have feet, a footless design is available. Footless designs allow for easier cleaning and eliminates a collection point for food and debris to build up. Footless ratings are available through 15 horsepower, the only manufacturer in the industry to supply these power ratings from stock.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors Footless


Totally Enclosed, Non-Vent motors eliminate potential for water and contamination ingress at the non-drive end of the motor.

Stainless Steel Food Safe Motors TENV

  • Rotatable conduit box

  • Single conduit box

  • Easier installation

  • Lifting provisions

  • Curves and Contours

  • Continuous welds

  • Laser marked nameplate

  • Shaft seals

  • Encapsulation

  • Foot mounted

  • Footless

  • TENV

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