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AC Laminated Frame - RPMAC Motors

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Industrial electric motors from Baldor are available for most general purpose applications and processes. However, some AC Variable Speed applications require high performance capabilities including constant torque down to zero speed, wide constant horsepower range, high response applications that require low inertia rotors, or High Speed capabilities. The RPM AC motor is most suitable for tough variable speed industrial applications where high performance, and power density (compact size and weight) is most important. RPMAC Laminated Frame Motors are available in both standard induction and ultra high-density Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Versions.


  • Extensive HP range
  • IEC
  • DC replacement
  • LAC replacement
  • Power Density
  • Laminated steel Frame Construction 210-449 frames
  • Corona free insulation Class H
  • Optimum pole design
  • Thermal Protection 3 N.C. thermostats (1 per Phase)

Common Industries

  • Steel Mill 
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Plastics
  • Converting
  • Automotive

Common Applications

  • Center winders 
  • Payoff reels 
  • Tension reels 
  • Extruders 
  • Crane and hoist
  • Traction motor
  • Oil Drilling 
  • Test stands low/high speed
  • Induction Servo
  • Positioning