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Explosion Proof Pump Motors

Baldor• Reliance Division 1 Explosion Proof pump motors are designed and built to contain an explosion inside and not propagate it into the surrounding atmosphere. Drive end flange and shafts are available for mounting to jet pump and close coupled pump applications in explosive atmospheres. Aproval listings are avalable for Class I (Gas) and or Class II (Dust) hazardous enviroments. Suitable for fixed speed, sine wave only operation.

product features

UL & CSA listed for Class I, Group D; Class I, Group C & D; Class I, Group D, Class II, Group F & G. Totally enclosed heavy guage steel and cast iron construction. Flange and shaft designs suitable for Jet Pump and Close Coupled (JM & JP) pump mounting.  Super-E® explosion proof pump motors have NEMA Premium® efficiency and 3 year warranty. Fixed speed sine wave operation only.

common industries

  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Forest Products Industry
  • Water & Waste Water Industry
  • Explosive atmosphere environments

common applications

  • Jet Pumps
  • Close Coupled JM pumps
  • Close Coupled JP pumps