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ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors for motors

smart sensor

Condition monitoring for motors capable for use in hazardous areas

Changes in temperature and vibration can indicate potential problems in equipment. Yet monitoring low voltage motors is considered expensive and often overlooked, leaving problems unnoticed until the motor fails. ABB now makes it easier and safer to know how your motor feels. The ABB Ability Smart Sensor converts traditional motors into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It enables users to monitor the health of their motors and to plan maintenance in advance. Unplanned downtime can be avoided, efficiency optimized and safety improved. ABB Ability™ connects you to the power of industrial IoT. ABB offers a unique digital advantage by combining connectivity and data analytics with our expertise to make your operations efficient, predictable and safe.

smart sensor for motors

smart sensor

ABB Ability Smart Sensor certified for hazardous areas, Gen 2


  • ATEX, IECEx and NEC 500 certified – compliant with strictest requirements for equipment operating in explosive atmospheres.

  • Pinpoint detection accuracy – superior sensors enable detection of even slight anomalies in the equipment’s condition at a very early stage.

  • Long battery life – up to three times longer than most competing designs.

  • Quick installation and activation for instant monitoring.

  • Detects vibration and temperature changes as well as changes in motor performance.

  • Ultrasonic acoustic sensors accurately access bearing conditions.

  • Onboard sensors calculate energy usage and efficiency.

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