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SDX Bearings

SD Dimensional component based split cap shperical bearing using 23000 and 23100 spherical bearing insert. Available in adapter mount/tapered bore.


Industry leading housing features including solid cast feet to increase strength, large capacity oil sump with two oversized drain holes adaptable to circulating oil systems, cast in oil return slots to keep lubricants in, oil-equalization passage allowing pillow bloack to be drained compleelty from either side, offset dowels with matched numbers on cape and base to simplify correct assembly, cas-in dimples to locate drill holes for lube fittings, vents, sensors and mounting modifications, housing base threaded to accept Grade 5 cap bolts for added strength and pry slots between the cap and base to allow easy separation. Utilizes "E" design spherical roller bearing insert for higher load carrying capacity.

Common Industries

common applications

  • Conveyors
  • Fans