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SAF-XT Bearings

SAF-XT housings offset the standard 22200 spherical roller bearing in order to optimize load carrying capabilities over standard USAF products. Available in adapter mount/tapered bore.


  • Solid cast feet to increase strength
  • Offset spherical bearing position
  • Offset dowels with matched numbers on cap and base to simplify correct assembly
  • Cast-in dimples to locate drill holes for lube fittings, vents, sensors and mounting modifications
  • Housing base threaded to accept Grade 5 cap bolts for added strength
  • Pry slots between the cap and base to allow easy separation
  • Utilizes "E" design spherical roller bearing insert for higher load carrying
  • SAF-XT match standard SAF mounting dimensions
  • Triple seal is standard

Modifications / accessories

  • Nickel Plating
  • Nylon coating and stainless steel hardware are available (minimum quantities may e required)
  • Temperature, speed, and vibration sensors available
  • LER and auxiliary taconite seals are available

Common industries

Common applications

  • Air Handling
  • Harsh/wet applications