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Grip Tight Adapter Mount Bearings

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The Grip Tight mounted ball bearing is the maintenance-friendly solution for all of your ball bearing application needs, capable of performing critical functions in many operations. Grip Tight mounted ball bearings offer a unique method of shaft attachment via a thin wall tapered adapter sleeve and locknut design. Because of this system, bearing assemblies may be installed and removed from a shaft easily. 360 degrees of concentric grip on the shaft for the entire length-through-bore of the bearing means Grip Tight provides a tight press fit with no shaft damage, even on commercial grade shafting.

Easy-on / Easy-of
During mounting, the collar/inner ring system locks the tapered adapter sleeve under the bearing and onto the shaft. To dismount, the built in bearing puller pulls the bearing off the adapter and pushes the adapter in the opposite direction (out from under the bearing).


  • Patented pull/push thin wall adapter system
  • Ideal for high-speed applications in which concentricity is important
  • Little or no bearing vibration at high speeds
  • More efficient fan balancing
  • Decreased labor during removal with no shaft reconditioning
  • Alleviates set screw issues due to vibration
  • Reduced shafting costs
  • Inventory savings
  • DualGuard seal - comprised of single lip and rubberized flinger is standard
  • Interchangeable mounting dimensions with most competitive set screw, eccentric collar, and concentric clamp collar products
  • Does not require turned, ground and polished shafting
  • Expansion pillow blocks available for popular shaft sizes
  • Snap-on end covers available from stock for most popular housing styles

Available options

  • LL lo torque labyrinth seals are optional
  • High-temperature option available to 400°F (204°C)

Modifications / accessories

  • Grip Tight air handling ball bearings
  • E-Z Kleen corrosion resistant Grip Tight ball bearing in polymer or stainless steel housing

Common applications

  • Conveyor applications
  • Mechanical drive applications
  • Extreme duty environments