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QD HTD sprockets are rated for the capacity of standard HTD belts. HTD belts utilize a Curvilinear Tooth Profile.  Available in 5mm, 8mm, 14mm and 20mm metric pitches


  • Positive, non-slip belt drive
  • Suitable for applications over wide speed range, including very slow RPM
  • Capacity from fractional to over 250HP
  • Drive efficiency is typically 98%

modifications & accessories

  • Rebore and keyseat of MPB sprockets
  • Made-to-order:
    • Special sizes
    • Odd number of teeth
    • Special hub locations
    • Material types, etc.

common applications

  • Unit and bulk material conveyors
  • Air handling fans, blowers and exhausts
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Crushers, shredders, breakers, classifiers, shaker screens
  • Woodworking saws, mills, planers, lathes
  • Machine tools