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Weld-On Hubs

Taper-lock weld-on hubs:
Weld-on hubs are made of 1015-1025 steel, drilled, tapped and taperbored to receive the taper-lock bushing. They are useful for welding into fan rotors, pulleys, plate sprockets, etc., which must be firmly mounted onto shafting. Four types of hubs are available from stock.

QD weld-on hubs:
Weld-on hubs are made of low carbon steel for good welding compatibility. They are useful for welding into fan rotors, impellers, agitators, etc., which require secure mounting to the shaft. A standard type is available in addition to one that is specifically designed for use in the end disc of a conveyor pulley.


Taper-Lock weld-on hubs:

  • Type S Taper-lock – originally designed for use in smaller sprockets, now suitable for many other lighter-duty applications
  • Type W/WA Taper-lock – rugged, full-length size for single-hub, heavy-duty applications
  • Type F – features a larger flange diameter that can be welded into standard steel tubing to fabricate conveyor pulleys or process rolls
  • Type K – more compact design, especially useful for two-hub construction, such as conveyor pulleys Taper-lock bushings

Taper-lock and *QD Weld-On-Hubs:

  • Both are made of steel material with rugged, compact designs to accommodate most bushings sizes.

Modifications / accessories

  • Drilled, tapped and taper-bored to receive their associated bushing, these hubs are available in both Taper-Lock and QD styles to suit most applications
  • Made-to-Order capability: special material, bore sizes

Common applications

  • Welding into pulleys
  • Fan rotors & flywheels
  • Plate sprockets
  • Impellers
  • Agitators