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Mechanical Clutches

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Intermittent shock loads or overload conditions can stress equipment to the point of premature failure.  Dodge Torque-Tamer clutches provide a simple, economical solution.  When an overload occurs, the Torque-Tamer is designed to slip, protecting valuable gear reducers and other connected equipment.  Once the overload is cleared, the Torque-Tamer automatically resets and resumes transmitting torque. Dodge Torque-Tamers are easily adjusted to slip at a specified torque value, allowing for customized protection.  Suited for use in a wide variety of applications, Torque Tamers may be used with stock or special sprockets, gears, sheaves, or other driven members.  With non-asbestos friction discs, long-life bushings, and no required lubrication, Torque Tamers are built for long life and minimal maintenance.


  • 4 sizes available: 25 to 70
  • Maximum Bore: 3” [80 mm]
  • Maximum Torque: 11,500 in-lbs [1,300 Nm]
  • Economical overload protection for gear reducers and other connected equipment
  • “Easy Set” adjustment allows for customized slipping torques with minimal tools
  • Automatically resets, resuming torque transmission after overload is cleared
  • Non-lubricated, requiring minimal maintenance
  • For use with #35 through #160 chain sizes, with stock or special sprockets, gears, sheaves, or other driven members
  • Finished bore designs in popular sizes available from stock
  • Utilize non-asbestos friction discs and long-life bushings for increased performance

Common applications

  • Conveyors
  • Bulking Material Handling