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Flexidyne Couplings

The Dodge Flexidyne is a high-efficiency mechanical soft start device providing smooth, controlled acceleration with reduced current draw from the motor.

The Flexidyne is available for use in belted-duty or direct drive applications, utilizing either high speed Para-Flex or Poly-Disc couplings. Flexidyne operates at 100% efficiency, using centrifugal forces which cause the flow charge to be distributed throughout the housing, engaging the internal rotor and then moving the driven load. The result is the equivalent of a “no load” start on the motor, meaning that the initial amp draw is significantly lower. Additional advantages of the Dodge Flexidyne are that the motor can be sized based upon running torque of the application, instead of startup torque, and equipment life is prolonged as a result of decreased wear and tear. Since the Flexidyne is a mechanical device, it does not require an additional power supply or programming, making it ideal for remote locations.


  • 9 sizes
  • Accommodates up to 4.5 inch shafts and 250 horsepower applications
  • Smooth, controlled acceleration with customizable startup torques
  • 100% efficiency allows for energy savings versus fluid couplings
  • Motor starts under no load, permitting the use of standard NEMA design B motors and potentially decreasing motor horsepower requirement
  • No physical connection is present, allowing for protection under overload conditions

Common Industries

common applications

  • Conveyors (Bulk Material Handling)
  • Any application requiring overload protection
  • Any application with a high-inertia startup

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