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Easier Installation

Easier Installation

Easy as 1-2-3

Installation for Dodge Raptor Couplings are quick and easy. The Raptor’s horizontally split element doesn’t require locking shafts during installation, meaning a faster installation, requiring fewer tools and elimination shaft damage.

Raptor Coupling



Improved Features

Improved Features, Easier Installation

The Dodge Raptor has everything needed for easier installations and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Split element for easy replacement without moving connected equipment
  • 50% lower torsional stiffness makes the element significantly easier to manipulate by hand during installation
  • Maintenance free non-lubricated natural rubber element for trouble-free operation

Slotted Clamp Rings

Slotted Clamp Rings

Raptor’s slotted clamp rings offer extra clearance at the bolt holes, for an easier installation than competitive designs.

slotted clamp rings

Winglock Element Design

Winglock Element Design

The Baldor-Dodge Raptor utilizes a patented, finite element optimized winged elastomeric element design.  This WingLock technology increases surface area in the most critical regions of the element, resulting in higher bond strength, improved fatigue resistance, and longer life than competitive designs.

Raptor Coupling

Documented Performance

Documented Performance

Comparative benchmark testing confirms the performance improvements associated with Raptor’s WingLock element design.  Even under worst-case misalignment and torque conditions, testing results showed that the Raptor lasts six times longer than the closest competitor.

Aberage Life Graph

Based on accelerated life testing at 1.5x catalog torque, while subject to 4°angular misalignment and 3/16” parallel misalignment.

Tested Tough

Tested Tough

Engineers from Baldor’s Advanced Development Laboratory designed and tested the Raptor to perform under the most extreme conditions.  This includes successfully passing the rigorous DIN 740 (reverse cyclic loading) coupling test standard – not once, not twice, but ten times for a single coupling.

Tested Tough

Practical Spacer Solution

A Practical Solution to Spacer Couplings

Practical Spacer SolutionsThe innovation behind the Raptor coupling also extends to applications requiring additional space between shaft ends.

  • One spacer element fits all standard ANSI and ISO space lengths
  • Spacer elements can be replaced with standard close-coupled elements, resulting in lower replacement costs and reduced inventory
  • Eliminated the need for high-speed rings, resulting in easier installation, while also reducing purchase costs and inventory requirements

Element Armor

Element Armor for Extra Protection

Dodge Raptor elements are available with an optional “Element Armor”.  This allows users to benefit from the increased performance and longer driven equipment life of standard Raptor elements, while providing an added layer of protection from ozone, petroleum oils, and some chemical environments.  Raptor Armored Elements exceed ASTM 1149-07 rubber deterioration standards, as determined through third-party testing.

Element Armor for Extra Protection

ATEX Certified

Third-Party ATEX Certified

When it comes to applications in hazardous environments, there’s no reason for customers to assume any risk by using a product which is self-certified.  That’s why all Raptor couplings are third-party ATEX certified for worry-free use in hazardous environments.  All required product markings and documentation are included with each couplingat no additional charge.  When it comes to hazardous environments, you can trust Baldor-Dodge.

ATEX Certified

Flexible Mounting Options

Reversible Hubs

  • Suited for any application, hubs are reversible to accommodate a wide range of shaft gaps
  • Interchangeable hubs are used for both close-coupled and spacer design for reduced inventory

Reversible Hubs

Finished Bore

Finished Bore Shaft Hubs

  •  Setscrew locking mechanism ensures a quick, easy installation
  • Two setscrews at a 65°angle optimizes radial and torsional holding power, resulting in a 75% holding power increase versus competitive design using only one setscrew

Holding Power Graph

Finished Bore Shaft Hubs


Taper-Lock Shaft Hubs

  • Reduced maintenance time and costs
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Dodge original design, an industry standard for over 50 years
  • Minimal shaft damage
  • Clean, compact design
  • Conforms with MPTA-B9i-2013 Taper-Lock bushing standard
  • Combined with Diamond Dodge <D> Integral Key bushings for added value and convenience

Taper-Lock Shaft Hubs


QD Shaft Hubs

  • “Quick Detachable” QD bushings for easy installation and removal
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs
  • Minimal shaft damage
  • Increased bore capacities
  • Robust flanged design featuring capscrew hardware
  • Conforms with MPTA-B6i-2010 QD bushing standard

QD Shaft Hubs

Longer Driven Equipment Life

Natural Rubber Element

Natural Rubber Element

Leveraging over 50 years of Dodge’s natural rubber expertise, the Raptor features a natural rubber flexible element that offers a number of performance benefits when compared to competitive urethane designs.

  • Static conductive for grounding redundancy, allowing current to safely pass through the natural rubber element, preventing the possibility of arcing during operation
  • Exceptional resistance to hydrolysis, for improved performance in humid environments
  • Superior thermal conductivity and ability to dissipate heat and hysteresis build up

Natural Rubber Element

Longer Driven Equip. Life

Because the Raptor element uses a natural rubber compound, it is significantly more flexible than urethane designs. Natural rubber yields an element with 50% lower torsional and bending stiffness, resulting in longer life for all types of connected equipment – including motors, pumps, and compressors.

  • Reduced bearing loads yield up to a 16.7 times increase in L10 bearing life in connected equipment
  • Less vibration transmission to connected equipment
  • Better shock damping capabilities

L 10 Comparative Life

Leading Misalignment

Industry Leading Misalignment

Over time foundations settle, vibration occurs, and some level of misalignment may occur. While competitive urethane couplings can handle pure angular or parallel misalignment, their capabilities are greatly diminished in applications with combined angular and parallel misalignment.

Unfortunately for the competition, combined misalignment is reality. The Raptor provides accommodation of shaft misalignment during installation, operation, and replacement better than competitive urethane elements.

Industrty Leading Misalignment

Attention to Every Detail

Attention to Every Detail (Hardware)

Baldor highly engineered every aspect of the Raptor for performance, including specification of high-strength Grade 8 flanged head cap screws. This robust hardware gives a 40% increase in proof strength versus competitor’s standard head Grade 5 fasteners. Serrations under the flanged head help to resist loosening and minimize the potential for stripping. This attention to detail provides provides a more reliable connection between elastomeric element and shaft hubs.

Attention to Every Detail

Drop-In Replacement

Competitive Interchange

Competitor Interchange

Designed to be a drop-in interchange, the Raptor meets or exceeds torque, bore, and speed ratings for these styles of commonly used couplings.  All Raptor components can be used in existing applications without any modifications. 


Current users of these styles can immediately realize the benefit of longer driven equipment life and improved reliability by switching to the Raptor.

Competitor Interchange Chart

5-Year Warranty

5-Year Warranty

With over 100 years of coupling manufacturing expertise, Dodge has a history of providing reliable coupling solutions in a wide range of industries and applications. Raptor couplings carry an industry leading 5-year warranty, even when used with competitors’ components.

Raptor Warranty Logo

  • Easier Installation

  • Improved Features

  • Slotted Clamp Rings

  • Winglock Element Design

  • Documented Performance

  • Tested Tough

  • Practical Spacer Solution

  • Element Armor

  • ATEX Certified

  • Reversible Hubs

  • Finished Bore

  • Taper-Lock

  • QD

  • Natural Rubber Element

  • Longer Driven Equip. Life

  • Leading Misalignment

  • Attention to Every Detail

  • Competitive Interchange

  • 5-Year Warranty

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