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Designed specifically for conveyor pulley applications, Dodge HE bushings have unique features and a "high endurance" design that extend conveyor pulley life. Dodge also manufactures XT bushings which are interchangeable with bushings found on competitive conveyor pulley products.


HE bushings utilize a 14 degree self-locking taper angle to clamp to the shaft faster than any other keyed compression-type bushing and minimize installation weld stress.

HE bushings use grade 8 bolts on size HE60 and larger for high performance in demanding applications.

HE bushings have up to 8 mounting bolts, with more bolts than competitive designs on size HE45 and larger.

modifications & Accessories

Reborable(sp?) bushings available for special bores or keyseats(sp?).

common industries

  • Aggregate & Cement
  • Mining
  • Paper & Forest
  • Power Generation
  • Unit & Baggage Handling

common applications

  • Conveyor pulleys