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Powered by Baldor
Distributor Website Program

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Offer The Baldor Online Catalog Directly
Through Your Website!

Give internet buyers the information they need online with a seamless Baldor stock products catalog built, integrated and custom designed to match your website. Whether you are new to internet marketing or have an established online marketing plan, Powered by Baldor can help you make your job easier online!

With Your Website Powered by Baldor you Can...

  • Turn website visitors into customers by giving them all the Baldor product information they need.
  • Feature part number and keyword searching on every page.
  • Provide browsing by product category.
  • Offer your customers and prospects multiple ways to compare and evaluate products.
  • Use your own website as a tool to better service and sell.

Program Features

  • Comprehensive online Baldor stock products catalog.
  • Customization to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Catalog built and maintained/updated by Baldor.
  • Searchable catalog with robust functionality.

Distributor Benefits

  • Keeps new and returning customers on your website.
  • Customers get what they need from you.
  • Prohibitive development costs and time commitments eliminated.
  • Use your website as an internal/external sales and service tool.

Product Categories Available

  • AC Motors & Controls
  • DC Motors & Controls
  • Gear Products
  • Motion Controls
  • Servo Motors & Controls
  • Linear Products
  • Grinders/Buffers

Powered by Baldor Online Catalog Fees

These online catalog fees will be billed once work is completed and live on your website. The setup and implementation is a one time fee for integrating the catalog into your website. The annual license is a revolving fee that will be billed annually on the date the catalog went live.
  Setup & Implementation *
  Annual License †
* Setup & implementation fee waived with $5,000 minimum stock order.
In lieu of stock order, setup and implementation fee will be invoiced once catalog is published live.
Annual license is a recurring fee, billed annually from date the catalog is published live.

Featured Distributor Sites:

Henderson Electric Motors   Precision Drive and Control
Henderson Electric Motors   Precision Drive and Control
Bestway Electric   Western Belting Company
Bestway Electric   Western Belting Company
Tri-State Armature   Deans Inc.
Tri-State Armature   Deans Inc.

Powered by Baldor Online Catalog Test Drive

See how the Powered by Baldor online catalog will function on your website. Give the catalog a "test drive" by clicking on the link.

View Online Catalog!

Powered by Baldor Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the Powered by Baldor integrated distributor stock products catalog, click a specific question.

Do I need a website in order to participate?
The catalog is intended to be integrated with your existing web site. We do not offer web design services or web site hosting outside of the distributor catalog itself. However, if you do not have an existing web site, we can refer you to an Internet partner and provider with extensive expertise in Industrial web site design and marketing.
Can the Powered by Baldor catalog be integrated into my existing website?
Yes, the setup and implementation fee includes a one-time full integration with your web site.
The look and feel of my website has changed. Can the catalog be updated to match the new look of my site after the initial integration?
Yes, we can update the catalog to match the colors, formatting and navigation structure of your redesigned website for an additional fee.
As a distributor, do I have to sell Baldor products exclusively in order to participate?
No, however, as a partner of Baldor with a fully integrated website the expectation is that any request for quotes for Baldor products will be fulfilled with Baldor products.
How will I get requests for quotes?
All requests for quotes (RFQ’s) will be forwarded directly via e-mail to the person a participating distributor designates.
Will I be able to complete E-Commerce shopping cart transactions?
No, we are evaluating the potential value of E-commerce functionality based on distributor input for future versions.
I have additional questions, can I contact you?

Yes. If you did not find the answer to your questions, please submit the form below and a Baldor representative will respond or contact you.

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How Do I Signup For Powered by Baldor?

To signup for Powered by Baldor, simply fill out the distributor catalog registration form. Once this form is submitted, the process can begin for reviewing your request.

Customer #:    A value is required.
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Request Product Categories:  Please make a selection.
All Categories DC Motors Grinders / Buffers
AC Motors DC Controls Motion Controls & Servos
AC Controls Gear Products    
Program Cost: Please select an item.
Setup & Implementation Annual License Purchase Order:
 Annual license is a recurring fee, billed annually from date the catalog is published live.