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BaldorVIP Website

Learn more about BaldorVIP!

We at Baldor realize that you are faced
with a range of complex business challenges and decisions. As the
needs for businesses change and the pace of business continues to accelerate,
we want to help
you make conducting business with Baldor simple, efficient,
and hassle-free.

With that in mind, we have designed and implemented an
Internet solution called BaldorVIP (Valued Internet Partner).
BaldorVIP is a sophisticated online tool available to you,
our valued Baldor customer, at no charge. The data is reliable,
high-quality, and delivered to you real-time.

BaldorVIP may be just the right tool for you. You can enter
orders, check your order status, and check Baldor inventory.
You can also effectively manage and track your existing
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) orders with Baldor.

BaldorVIP Advantages!

• Order Entry
• Inventory Check
• Account Activity Reports
• Technical Information Availability
• BaldorVIP and EDI
• Signing up for BaldorVIP

BaldorVIP is for OEMs & Distributors!

BaldorVIP was originally developed for distributors who buy stock products off-theshelf. It was a huge success and was quickly enhanced to work for OEMs who buy custom products. BaldorVIP offers the following special features for OEMs as well.

• EDI orders accepted using your part numbers.
• EDI orders immediately available in order status.
• Schedule delivery dates on your orders.
• View CAD drawings and nameplate specs on products.

Placing an Order is Easy!

You can enter orders online 24 hours a day! With user freindly screens and popular “Shopping Cart” technology, ordering on BaldorVIP is easy. You can add Baldor items to your shopping
cart and proceed to the check out when your shopping is complete. Or you can create lists of commonly ordered items
for one click order entry.

Checking Baldor Inventory is a Breeze!

With BaldorVIP, you can enter in a Baldor product number or
your part number and search our inventory. The search promptly returns your results including the product’s list price, your net price, and the weight of the product. We even show you the warehouses that have this product and the quantities available
at each location.

Real-Time Technical Info at your Fingertips!

Another valuable VIP tool is real-time technical product information, such as nameplate data, including; product spec number, mechanical spec number, wiring diagram, and layout drawing number. Including the ability to view and print the
layout drawings. In addition, BaldorVIP will generate a
"Product Information Packet" which, includes; nameplate information, connection diagram, and the layout drawing
in PDF format.

How do I sign up for BaldorVIP?

BaldorVIP is a high quality valuable solution to help your
business be more efficient and productive, thereby lowering
your administrative costs. To signup for BaldorVIP,
simply contact your local Baldor district sales office.

Click here to download the BaldorVIP registration form.

Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits that
BaldorVIP has to offer!