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DC Motors | General Purpose | 180 Volt |

Specifications: CD5318

Catalog Number:  CD5318
Specification Number:  35P442Z391
Horsepower:  1.00
Armature Voltage:  180
Field Voltage:  200/100
Full Load Amps - Armature: 
Full Load Amps - Field:  .3/.6
RPM:  1750
Frame Size:  56C
Service Factor:  n/a
Rating:  40C
Insulation Class:  F
Form Factor:  n/a
Enclosure:  TEFC
Baldor Type:  3535D
DE Bearing:  6205
ODE Bearing:  6203
Electrical Specification Number:  35WGZ391
Mechanical Specification Number:  35LYP442
Base:  RG
Mounting:  F1
Tach Mounting Kit:  n/a
Blower Kit:  n/a
Filter Kit:  n/a
Recommended SCR Control:  n/a

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