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Linear Motors & Stages

Linear Motor Products
  Linear Motor Products

Baldor provides industry with the widest range of linear motors, linear stages and controls. Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, Baldor continually develops advanced products and innovations to meet a variety of linear motion applications.

Linear motors provide unique speed and positioning performance advantages. Linear motors provide direct-coupled motion and eliminate mechanical transmission devices.

They offer substantial improvements over applications using ball screws, timing belts, etc. The rugged mechanical design provides accurate motion and precision positioning for hundreds of millions of cycles. Baldor linear motors and stages are used in thousands of successful applications worldwide.

Linear motors provide the following advantages:

  High repeatability – resolution to 0.000004 inch (0.1 microns) – this makes sure all parts produced are accurate and identical
Highly accurate – to 0.0001 inch/ft (2.5 micron/300 mm) – provides precise machine operation for precision parts
No backlash – direct drive has no backlash such as with lead screws, gears, etc. this improves the accuracy of the part or operation
Faster acceleration – from 1 to over 10 G’s – this leads to shortened cycle times and improved productivity.
Higher velocities – speeds to over 300 inches/second (8 meters/sec) – to position the payload faster
Long term reliability – only two parts with only one moving part – this leads to simplicity and improves the applications reliability
No wear or maintenance – no contacting parts, thus reducing component friction and wear
Ease of installation – linear motors are designed to allow for alignment tolerances. Misalignment produces no degradation of performance

Linear motors consist of two parts – a stationary track or “platen” and a moving “forcer”. They can be provided as a stand-alone linear motor assembly or as a complete stage – built with a housing or enclosure with linear bearings, limit switches, cable track/carrier, protective bellows and linear encoder in a wide variety of lengths.


Installation & Operation Manual
  Literature Number: MN1800
Linear Motors and Stages - Brochure
  Literature Number: BR1202-G
Dual Axis Linear Motors - Brochure
  Literature Number: BR1810

Linear Motors

Brushless Cog-Free – LMCF series    Brushless Cog-Free – LMCF series
Baldor’s cog-free brushless linear motor is designed for unlimited travel servo applications that also require extremely smooth operation with no cogging. Modular track assemblies stack end-to-end to provide the length of stroke required for the application. These motors are supplied in “kit” form to be easily integrated into a machine. The LMCF series provides high peak forces to 2300 N (517 lbs); speeds to 5 m/sec (200 inches/sec); and acceleration to 10 G’s.
    Visit the Baldor Motion Site for more detailed information.
Brushless Iron Core – LMIC series    Brushless Iron Core – LMIC series
Baldor’s brushless Linear Motor Iron Core motor is designed with advanced technology techniques to minimize cogging, while improving dynamic speed and force capability. The LMIC series has been uniquely designed to providing smooth operation. This series is available in two configurations, a standard profile, and a low profile – for those application requiring smaller, tighter packages. It has unlimited travel utilizing modular platens. LMIC provides high very peak forces to 13,800 N (3100 lbs); speeds up to 8 m/sec (320 inches/sec); and acceleration up to over 10 G’s.
    Visit the Baldor Motion Site for more detailed information.
AC Linear Induction Motors  LMAC series    AC Linear Induction Motors LMAC series
Baldor’s linear induction motor is designed for extremely long travel applications such as material handling and people movers. The linear induction motor consists of a “primary” which is a coil assembly, and a “reaction plate”. When AC voltage is applied to the coil, a traveling magnet field is created which induces current in the reaction plate. The interaction of the two magnetic fields generates the force and directs linear motion. An adjustable frequency inverter will provide velocity control of this linear induction motor. The LMAC series provides very high peak forces of 2224 N (500 lbs); speeds to 6.8 m/sec (270 in/sec) and acceleration to 1 G.
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Linear Stepper Motor, Single Axis  LMSS series    Linear Stepper Motor, Single Axis LMSS series
Baldor’s open loop linear stepper motor provides the most economical linear motor positioning package. The “forcer” consists of a 2 or 4 phase motor assembly encapsulated in an aluminum housing supported by bearings. The “platen” consists of photo-chemically etched teeth on a steel bar available in lengths cut per customer specification. The LMSS series provides forces to 220 N (50 lbs); speeds to 1.5 – 2 m/sec (890 in/sec); acceleration to 1 G.
    Visit the Baldor Motion Site for more detailed information.
Linear Stepper Motor, Dual Axis  LMDS series   

Linear Stepper Motor, Dual Axis LMDS series
Baldor’s dual axis stepper package provides open loop positioning along two axis of travel. An integrated air bearing system floats the “forcer” less than 25 micrometers (0.001 inch) above the photo-chemically etched steel plate. Preload for the bearing system is provide by the magnetic attractive force between the forcer and the platen. The LMDS may be mounted face up or inverted. A position verification system is available to close the loop.

    Visit the Baldor Motion Site for more detailed information.