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DC Motors | General Purpose |

Product Overview: CD5319

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Catalog Number:  CD5319
Description:  1HP,1750RPM,DC,56C,3535D,TEFC,F1
Ship Weight:  51 lbs.
List Price:  $1525 USD
Multiplier Symbol:  K

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TEFC enclosure
Shunt wound
Class F insulation
Designed for use with NEMA TYPE K SCR control 20:1 constant torque speed range (Except where noted)
NEMA C-face and removable base (except on explosion proof models)
Base welded on type 3513D only
NEMA 182 and larger have a thermostat (normally closed contracts) on the field winding
No dual mounting base holes on 35D, 75D or 91D type
Conveyors, printing, textile equipment, machine tools and other equipment requiring variable speeds with constant torque.

* The image shown is representative only. Actual product may differ in appearance from image shown.