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DC Controls | One Way | 180 Volt |

Product Overview: BC155

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Catalog Number:  BC155
Description:  DC SCR CTRL, 230V, 5 HP, CHASSIS
Ship Weight:  5 lbs.
List Price:  $660 USD
Multiplier Symbol:  E9

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Full wave SCR control with free wheeling diode (NEMA type K)
Field power supply allows use with shunt wound DC motors as well as permanent magnet motors
Adjustable accel, decel, current limit, IR comp, min and max speed
Current limit indicating LED
5K speed pot for speed control
Anti-demag circuit protects PM motors and helps protect the SCR power bridge against direct shorts
Noise rejection circuit eliminates false starts and blown SCR's
UL and cUL recognized
Conveyors, mixers, packaging machinery and other applications requiring variable speed and constant torque.

* The image shown is representative only. Actual product may differ in appearance from image shown.