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Product Overview: GPP12564

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Catalog Number:  GPP12564
Description:  1/8HP | 83RPM | DC | TENV
Ship Weight:  11 lbs.
List Price:  $670 USD
Multiplier Symbol:  DS

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DCPM motor provides exceptional starting torque, adjustable speed and predictable performance
Needle and ball bearing construction for smooth torque transmission
Induction hardened helical and spur gearing
Permanently lubricated with synthetic Mobil SHC007
Output shaft is 5/8" diameter
Powder-coated enamel finish
3 ft. SJTO cord

* Vertical motor below the gearhead is not recommended. Avoiding this position will provide greater protection against oil leakage back into the motor. Contact Baldor if this position cannot be avoided.

Conveyors, medical and laboratory equipment, printing presses, commercial broiling ovens, machine tools and many other applications requiring adjustable speed.

* The image shown is representative only. Actual product may differ in appearance from image shown.