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VS1SP Inverter and VS1GV Vector Drive H2E-Frame Offering
VS1SP Inverter and VS1GV Vector Drive H2E-Frame Offering

The Baldor Electric VS1SP and VS1GV High Performance drives are known in the industry for their powerful processing capability and advance performance while maintaining a user-friendly design and ease of use. Now these products are available in an even wider range of horsepower ratings with the introduction of the H2E-Frame drives resulting in expanded capability up to 250 Hp at 460Vac.

In addition to releasing the H2E-Frame drive, Baldor Electric continues to enhance and improve drive functionality. Paired with the release of the H2E-Frame drive is Version 1.21 Firmware. This now provides enhanced performance for all drive ratings and also expands the flexibility of the Motor Matched Performance allowing the drive to control an even wider variety of motors. All VS1SP and VS1GV products will utilize this new firmware release and units in the field can easily be upgraded using the free Mint WorkBench Software and Firmware File available at

V1.21 Firmware Enhanced Features:

Torque Performance:

  • Improved Motor Tuning:
    • Enhanced motor tuning algorithm improves the accuracy of the motor model in drive software.
    • Accuracy improvement results in more torque per amp produced and therefore the ability to control a wider variety of variable speed motors while still delivering 150% torque at startup.

  • Braking Performance Increased using a new regenerative torque limit calculation that results in more available torque during deceleration of the load.

  • Selectable Current on Demand:
    • The Classic H2 drives produce torque at zero speed when an enable input is present and power is applied.
    • V1.21 Software allows even greater flexibility and the user can select between the classic control setup or a new setting which outputs torque to the motor only after a directional command is given and the enable input is active.

  • Network Communications Upgraded:
  • Network Communication speed throughput is increased by sending one contiguous data packet immediately upon request. This is a two-fold improvement over polling the external communications card multiple times for smaller packets of information as previously implemented.

  • Improved Product Up-Time
  • With the increased demands on power systems in industry occasional low voltage dips may occur when system demand peaks.

  • Using the energy stored in the motorís inertia, the Power Dip Ride-Through feature can maintain the bus voltage and therefore power to the drive.

  • Product up time is increased and nuisance trips reduced allowing greater output from the driven equipment.

VS1SP Inverter Drive VS1SP Inverter Drive
The VS1SP AC Drive uses a traditional inverter V/Hz control method. Its easy setup, quick startup, and right-out-of-the-box operation make it among the most popular variable speed motor controls. It is ideal for applications where multiple motors are operated simultaneously from one motor control, including pumps, fans, and general machinery applications.

VS1GV Vector Drive VS1GV Vector Drive
The VS1GV is a high performance vector drive that offers three modes of control - closed-loop, encoderless or the traditional V/Hz method - to control motor speed and torque with precision and the responsiveness needed to accomplish the most demanding applications.


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