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IP69K Rating? Baldor•Dodge Ultra Kleen Gearing Has That

What is an IPX9K (IP69K for Water) rating?

Products with an IPX9K rating have been tested and certified as water-tight under severe washdown conditions. The IPX9K test requires that the product is sprayed with high pressure (1,450psi), high temperature (176F, 80C) at close range (4-6 inches). The product is sprayed from numerous angles and positions to ensure that liquids sprayed from virtually any angle are prevented from entering the product.

Benefits of an IPX9K Rating

An IPX9K rating ensures a product is ideal in applications where hygiene and cleanliness are critical, as durability against high pressure and high temperature washdowns is required. Items with this rating can be washed down by sanitation crews without water or caustic chemicals entering the product and causing harm.

Baldor-Dodge Ultra Kleen Gear Products

Baldor’s line of DODGE Ultra Kleen gear reducers, including Quantis and Tigear-2, have been tested and certified to meet IPX9K (IP69K for Water) standards. DODGE Ultra Kleen gear reducers are powering meat and poultry plants around the globe. That’s why we are #PoultryProven.