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ACS55 Component Drive

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ACS55 micro drives are designed for use with simple machinery applications. Feed-thru wiring allows easy replacement of contactors and motor starters. Improves machine performance with the combined advantages of variable speed control and energy savings for small AC motors. ACS55 micro drives are compact with multiple mounting positions and options. DIN rail mounting capability makes them ideal for panel builders. The drive is quickly programmed using switches and potentiometers or with the DriveConfig kit PC tool.

The ACS55 is designed for new installations, replacement applications as well as for original equipment manufacture (OEM) use.


  • 0.25 to 3 Hp, 115V & 230V single phase input, 230V three phase output
  • V/Hz control, selectable for pump/fan or constant torque loads
  • 150% overload for 1 minute
  • IP20 standard enclosure with finger-safe connection terminals
  • Quick set-up with control potentiometers and dip switches
  • Optional speed potentiometer and control switch kit
  • Available with built-in EMC filter, or with no filter
  • Compact and slim design
  • Mounting options - side-by-side, sideways, or DIN-rail
  • Unpowered programming with FlashDrop tool


  • Speed pot, run/stop, fwd/rev kit
  • DriveConfig Kit

Common Industries

  • Commercial / Residential
  • Fitness machines
  • Food & beverage
  • Printing & packaging
  • Solar energy
  • Parking systems

Common Applications

  • Pumps and fans
  • Conveyors
  • Automatic gates
  • Solar trackers
  • Treadmills
  • Whirlpools