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Energy Savings

First in Energy Efficiency Since 1920

The history of energy efficiency in industrial motors is really the story of Baldor Electric Company. For the past eight decades, Baldor has led the industry in developing products that deliver greater performance and reliability while using less electricity. From the company’s founding in the 1920s through today, Baldor has introduced efficiency enhancing advancements one after another. In fact, many of the advancements initiated by Baldor have later been adopted as industry standards.
The issue of energy efficiency for electric motors and drives is becoming increasingly relevant as electricity costs continue to rise.

Total System Efficiency – Bringing the Best Together

Did you know that electric motors generate more than 60% of the total industrial demand for power? Specifying a Baldor Super-E motor is a significant step in improving your energy efficiency, however, take it one step further. Combine our Baldor Super-E motors with matched Baldor V*S Drives and our high-efficiency Dodge gearing products. By creating an energy-matched package, you not only get the power you need, but you can also increase efficiency levels up to 95% and save even more!

Become more energy conscious and partner with Baldor; let our products, services, and expertise help you improve efficiency and save money.

Baldor can supply NEMA 3-phase motors that meet the increased energy efficiency demands required by the Energy Independence and Security Act. This legislation, which becomes mandatory on December 19, 2010, sets stringent new efficiency standards for a broad range of 3-phase motors, including explosion proof, severe duty and brake motors, with horsepower ratings from 1 through 500 HP.

More Energy Savings

Super-E Motors

As the industry leader in energy-efficient technology Baldor offers a complete line of NEMA Premium® efficient motors specifically developed to save you money. Each motor has its guaranteed minimum efficiency stamped on its nameplate and has been fully tested for strict adherence to NEMA standards for motor efficiency.

AC Drives

Drives provide additional savings by reducing the speed of the motor and therefore the horsepower required to operate. Additional savings will also be received due to longer motor life, improved power factor, reduced noise and greater flexibility.

Cooling Tower Motor & Controls

Cooling towers place a high value on operating efficiency, reliability, flexible control, low running temperature, quiet operation and low life cycle cost. Baldor Electric has designed a new Direct Drive Cooling Tower system around a specially designed high efficiency permanent magnet motor that is a drop in replacement for existing mechanical packages. When powered by the Baldor drive, the combination provides Matched Performance® for un-paralleled efficiency and reliability.

Digital Soft-Starters

Baldor’s Digital Soft-Starter’s energy optimizing system works by reducing the current and iron losses of a motor not running at full load. Energy optimizing reduces motor energy losses when operating a motor below maximum capacity; increasing system efficiency and saving money.

BE$T™ Baldor Energy Savings Software

The BE$T Baldor Energy Savings Tool is a software program that compares the efficiency and annual electricity usage of your existing motors. The program then calculates the annual potential savings. The program provides an estimated payback calculation and suggested replacement motor to make upgrades easier.