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EZ Kleen Bearings

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Dodge EZ Kleen mounted ball bearings are ideal for washdown applications. The corrosion-resistant nickel composite plated insert is deployed in either of a polymer or stainless steel housing. The QuadGuard triple lip seal with rubberized flinger provides superior protection against contaminants while the patented MaxLife cage retains lubricant. Shaft attachment methods include SC set screw, D-Lok concentric, and GripTight adapter.


  • Housings feature a solid base, with no cavities or fillings to trap contaminants. An active antimicrobial agent in the polymer housing prevents fungal and bacterial growth
  • Mechanically retained QuadGuard triple lip seal features a rubberized flinger that closes the gap left by conventional all metal flinger designs
  • MaxLife cage creates grease compartments around each rolling element, allowing balls to be constantly in contact with grease, and retain grease during high pressure washdown
  • H1 registered food grade lubricant
  • Plug included in each EZ-Kleen bearing for customer to replace grease fitting if required

modifications & accessories

  • White snap-on end covers, closed and shaft through, used on many housing styles

common applications

  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Sorters
  • Packaging