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Dodge provides a broad line of chain couplings, available with finished bore, reborable, and Taper-Lock bushed flanges.

A compact design utilizing hardened tooth sprockets and ANSI standard double width roller chain allows the Dodge Chain Coupling to provide excellent torque and bore capacities. Chain assemblies are connected with a link pin, allowing for easy installation or removal. Interchangeable with industry-standard dimensions, Dodge Chain Couplings offer a simple, widely accepted, and economical way to connect two shafts.


  • 12 sizes available: 4012 to 12020
  • Maximum Bore: 4.6875 inches
  • Maximum Torque: 105,882 in-lbs 
  • Flanges available in finished bore, reborable, and Taper-Lock bushed
  • Hardened tooth sprockets
  • ANSI Standard Double Width Roller Chain
  • Link pin connections for easy installation or removal
  • Aluminum covers and rubber seals protect from contamination for extended life
  • Interchangeable with industry standard dimensions

common applications

Air Handling