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Dodge D-Series Motor Brakes are designed with a single non-asbestos friction disc for fewer adjustments, reduced replacement parts, and extended life.  When power is applied to the brake coil, the friction disc hub assembly and the load are free to turn.  However, when power is taken away intentionally or accidentally, an internal wave spring clamps the friction disc to stop and hold the load.

Dodge D-Series Motor Brakes are available with either standard or EZ Kleen (food duty/NEMA 4x) enclosures. Stock units are kept for both motor fan end mounted C-Face brakes, and double C-Face brakes for use between C-Face motors and C-Face gear reducers.  Both configurations use significantly fewer parts than competitive brakes, providing dramatic improvements in brake life, with lower energy consumption and significantly quieter operation than AC brake designs.


  • NEMA Motor Frame Sizes: 56C, 143TC/145TC, 180TC, 210TC
  • Static Torque Range: 3 Ft-lbs to 50 Ft-lbs
  • Wave spring provides 360° of force when power is removed from the brake
  • Single non-asbestos friction disc design extends life, reduces replacement parts, and allows for quiet operation
  • Lower power consumption than AC voltage brakes
  • Internally rectified DC voltage coil operates on either AC or DC Voltage
  • Fast Response Kits offer stopping times equivalent to AC voltage brakes
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing mounts at any angle without modification
  • Class B insulation standard
  • Splined hub permits uniform load distribution
  • Integral key design simplifies installation and eliminates loose parts
  • Easy to use manual release levers reset automatically

Common Industries

common applications

  • Conveyors
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Strapping and Wrapping Equipment
  • Palletizers

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