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Customer Education

Why do we offer customer education classes?

To be the best, as determined by our customers...

...is the cornerstone of Baldor's mission statement. And because you are a part of Baldor, we want to help you be the best also. Baldor is proud to offer a series of intensive education workshops designed to be more than passive seminars. Workbooks, question and answer sessions, and other structured activities assure participant interaction and involvement. Homework and hands-on training supplement these true learning experiences that promise to be beneficial in the field.

Customer Education Classes - Baldor

Baldor Education classes held on the Greenville, SC and Ft. Smith, Arkansas campuses include: Hotel, Food, transportation (from hotel to class and return) and class materials. Baldor Education Classes held at other (off-site) locations include: Lunch, snacks and class materials. Transportation and hotel are the responsibility of the student.

For all classes, airfare is the responsibility of the student.

For more detailed information, please review the Baldor Class Guidelines (PDF).

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